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Alice in Wonderland :iconallizon07:allizon07 2 0 Szanon Hailey de la Vega :iconallizon07:allizon07 0 0 RPG Class Dark Rouge :iconallizon07:allizon07 1 0 Alexis Go :iconallizon07:allizon07 0 0 Little Miku :iconallizon07:allizon07 2 0 (OC) Scarlet.Reboot :iconallizon07:allizon07 1 0 Chibi Chitaru :iconallizon07:allizon07 4 0 Rin! :iconallizon07:allizon07 2 0 Nio Hashiri Wallpaper :iconallizon07:allizon07 2 0 Trash that is Nio :iconallizon07:allizon07 7 0 Rin! :iconallizon07:allizon07 1 0 Fem!Prussia :iconallizon07:allizon07 4 0 Let's Go! :iconallizon07:allizon07 28 2 Haru's Proposal :iconallizon07:allizon07 44 4 Nio to Melon bread :iconallizon07:allizon07 6 0 Mari (Happy) :iconallizon07:allizon07 1 0
Nyahoi~ Mah gallery. *bow*


Alice :iconyamaseijin:Yamaseijin 1 1
Belarus x Reader x Ukraine Torn Hearts
A/N: This is my first time writing this stuff, reader insert story. This is also a yuri fic so you have been warned but it doesn't really concern me whether or not you like the story or not, its up to you. So, with all of this being said enjoy. Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia, the character nor you, the reader. I own the idea of this story.
Hetalia: Torn Hearts: Prologue:
Readers POV:
Today starts off as my first day of school. No, not High school; College. Another chapter in my so called book of life that continues to be filled every moment of everyday. I felt nervous inside but I hid it well, this was like High school only you could start all over as anonymous to the rest of the students here. However, the college I am going to attend really threw me through a loop when I was introduced to it back home. Let me explain.
I was home on my computer looking at the e-mails I received from the schools I applied to, I was still reading all the letters I got and sighed. Honest
:iconvanitysmirror:VanitysMirror 5 1
Belarus x Minsk! reader: Like a Magnet
Belarus x reader: Like a Magnet
Warning: Yuri included, i.e. girl x girl material within the fic(unless you, reader-chan,  are a boy_
Lyrics from the vocaloid song 'magnet' included. 
束縛して もっと必要として 


「おかしい」のが たまらなく好きになる


Tying you up, making me more important for you
If you call that love, I will let you see my fidelity
Unresistably in love with you makes me weird in others' eyes
So let's just run away together to wherever we can

:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 123 10
Panty x fem!Reader (One shot)
Panty , Stocking , and you were at the beach tanning.
Obviously Panty attracted all the boys shaking her ass and getting attention.
As for Stocking also getting attention and eating her ice cream deserts, you sitting the middle in your bikini and for some reason a bit jealous of the men surrounding Panty.
Your (h/c) hair was tied up in a pony tail with sunglasses covering your eyes, and Panty hoping not noticing your stare.
Strangely you had a crush on the blonde angel slut, I mean you loved her! she has gorgeous eyes, a bad ass personality , doesn't take shit from no one , and gets away with a lot of things.
You just loved her, but you knew deep down she wouldn't feel the same because one. You are a girl
two. she loves men
You sighed and look over at Stocking , Panty's sister "Stocking I am going to go t he snack bar and get me a soda, want anything?" you ask she looks over at you and smiles.
"(name) , please get me some more ice cream and more candy?" you nod and walk off, not notici
:iconthesilentwarrior89:TheSilentWarrior89 143 31
:: Vampire in the City :: :iconsangrde:Sangrde 5,652 168 #130 Cheshire Cat :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 4,534 181 Commission-K3vinWhit :iconeguana:eguana 551 13 Shingeki no Kyojin Acrylic Bottle Charms :iconh-yde:h-yde 322 77 Fisheye Placebo: Ch1- Part 2 :iconyuumei:yuumei 12,829 1,604 Daily :iconkoyamori:koyamori 3,295 0 Coverama, my Art Book cover :iconmarcsimonetti:MarcSimonetti 2,820 57 To dedicate the heart :icontetsuok9999:tetsuok9999 4,750 131 NAO :iconhzrinv:hzrinv 7 2 Shingeki no Kyojin - Ymir and Christa :iconkirawinter:kirawinter 2,913 356 To watch you grow :iconlanmeimeia:lanmeimeia 6,805 572 Are we still friends? :icondav-19:DAV-19 3,583 406



It's the middle of summer and I'm still doing nothing but sitting in front of the lappy and either drawing or watching random stuff.
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Welcome to my profile O3Od Hope you enjoy your stay here~ XD
I am a self-proclaimed bishounen 8D and a trap XD


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